If only I was a Polar Bear.

There’s no heat in the office today. A radiator is leaking. No heat – none, zil, zip, nil, nothing. I feel like an ice cube with arms and my fingers are icicles…chubby ones; chubby little icicle fingers. I can see my breath. I’m using my jacket as a blanket. My car thermometer said it was 10 degrees on my way to work. I’m cold. No. I’m freezing.

It’s days like these that I wish I were a polar bear or a penguin. If I were a polar bear or a penguin I’d be like “YES, NO HEAT WAHOO – THIS IS MY IDEAL INTERNAL TEMPERATURE, THIS IS GREAT. JUST FANTASTIC. HELLLLOOOO MONDAY!”

But guess what? I’m not a polar bear and I am most certainly not a penguin.


One response to “If only I was a Polar Bear.

  1. hang on honey – spring is coming. If you were a polar bear you might be stuck on a floating chunk of ice w/no Coke in sight. If you were a penguin you might be dinner for a starving polar bear who couldn’t find his leftove shark. Cold hands & feet can warm up; but a polar bear has nothing to look forward to but more ice and some occasional seal blubber… LOL I’ll let you borrow my Uggs! 😉

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