Hand Crafter, Always Original Lamp Shades & Light Fixtures

I went to a friends house and raved about the lamp that they had. I just thought it was so cool. Anyway, it turns out that it was hand crafted and totally unique. I’m all for originality. The company that designs these lamp shades and light fixtures is called ZeeZu Design. What’s cool about it, is that you pick which design you like the best and then it’s made JUST for you. So even though you and your friend order the same one, they’ll be completely different. I think the idea is really neat. Plus the designer uses neat colors and real urban inspiration on the lamps. I’m into the modern style I guess. If you’re interested check it out her; ZeeZu Design.

The only downside is that as of right now they’re only selling the shades and the light fixtures. There’s a note on the website saying that will change – but I guess I should think about it this way, when I get my lamp shade it will be even more unique because I’ll get a kick ass stand and put them together.

I ripped a couple of pictures from the website. I’m sure they won’t mind since I’m paying them homage. Oh and all of the lamps have cool names that are themed around astronomy kind of stuff. It’s neat!


Cherry Strip

Double Cluster

You can also follow upcoming design options by following them on twitter – @ZeZuDesign


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