V is for Very Odd

Last night on the way to the movies, my two friends and I were in a fit of laughter. About what? It’s a had to be there kind of thing. Well in the middle of our hyena soundtrack my friend who was driving screamlaughs, “LOOK!”. And to our surprise this is what we found:

imageSpotting this dude brought our laughter to a whole other level. Realizing  he’s also listening to murderous rage-y music took it to outerspace. If this instance was a scary movie we’d be screaming or dead, but alas, this is real life, so it was just funny – no blood, guts or gore, just three girls pointing in a masked metal-heads direction laughing like we had just discovered funny.

When I could breathe I asked him, “Are you alone, driving a car with a mask on?” and he told us that his friend was behind him. Then we asked him to lift his mask, which he did – and shockinling his face was not mangled, he did not have a tear drop tattoo underneath his eye or blood caked into his hair. He was a cute kid – prob around twenty. Somebody asked him, “Why are you wearing a mask?” And he looked at us with a face that begged ‘don’t judge me’ and he said so sincerely, “I just like wearing a mask.”

…Life is interesting.

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3 responses to “V is for Very Odd

  1. Fuck the poor.

  2. I would have wet my pants – seriously. Masks creep me out and some guy driving with a mask on is.. well…. just not right… ick

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