More Awkward Craigs List Personal Ads

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about Craigs List personal ads. It got a lot of attention and was just as hilarious for me to write as it was for you to read. So here are some more winners…

Men Seeking Women…

crotch buffet – 44


Generous gentleman seeks sexy student… – 45

He’s 45 and looking for a student. I hope he means a Mom who went back to school to get a degree in order to get out of the house. And he loves people who have debt. The only words in his ad are “with a few too many bills”. Hey, 20 somethings females without morals, this may be a good way to take care of student loans.


I’m just going to ignore all of the caps and just say – who the hell is going to have sex for 150 roses. WTF are you going to do for 150 Roses? Just because females like flowers doesn’t mean their going to have random sex with you for a bouquet. I guess he realzies this because in his ad he says that you f you wanted you could have could have perfume istead of flowers.

*Boyfriends on the other hand- get her flowers for no reason and SCORE.

Soccer Moms are you In need of###### – 43

Credit to this guy, # = pound. HAHAHA!!

Women Seeking Men…

are there any men out there not trying to F*** me over? – 35

Yeah lady, definitely going to bag yourself a good one. Next time try making your headline more pathetic and whiny.

loves wine – 23


Hot date at Denny’s? – 30

Denny’s where the ambiance oozes romance<333

Fiona seeks Shrek – 58 –

Her headline is exactly why she is single to begin with;  she’s sitting at home watching kids movies with her cats, crying. The ad is pathetically adorable, she tries really hard to be funny.

My search for hilarity was cut short….I apologize for the lack of content but it’s not my fault.’s Craigs List. There was barely any good ones – and the W4M section? Basically empty, only 200 posts.  I’m going to end this by saying: I am shocked at the number of people willing to pay money…not to be spanked, but to spank someone else.

Have a great Friday

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2 responses to “More Awkward Craigs List Personal Ads

  1. roses means money..hence the dollar sign at the end of roses…its code for a hooker to say how much they are without actually talking dollars….duh

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