Who Else Wants to Punch Kristen Stewart in the Face?

I love vampires, werewolves, paranormal activity, wizards…whatever. I’ve always been intrigued by the fantastic nature of all of the things I just mentioned. I wish I could attend Hogwarts. But on the other hand, I’m also one of those people who, subconsciously, rejects what the masses love. When Harry Potter blew up, I stopped reading the books, when Dave Matthews honed in on their cult culture, I stopped listening. I didn’t do any of these on purpose…it just happened.

And then there’s the Twilight in-saneness…Team Edward/Jacob bullshit.I rejected the Twilight hype 100% on purpose – because I want to punch Kristen Stewart in her face. I saw 20 minutes of the first Twilight Movie, and I will never finish it. Her & Edward are supposed to be in lust/love for each other? Really?! Because all I got was that they were repulsed by one another. Probably because Kristen Stewart has the same uncomfortable look on her face in every scene of every movie she ever makes.

Into the Wild

Panic Room

The Runaways

Adventure Land


OOO Kristen Stewart you’re sooooo cool. You’re broodiness is so unique, how I admire you. NOT, big giant BARF ON YOUR FACE.

Not only does her face piss me off, but so does her  social awkwardness. I’ve seen people with no social skills – your lack there of is terribly contrived therefore making it obnoxiously annoying.

She’s also always like, “mehhh don’t look at me I’m famous wahhh”. I totally get wanting privacy. I can understand that being harassed while you’re out to dinner or chillen with friends could get annoying and invasive. So, in those instances, please, feel free to be an icy bitch. BUT, when you’re at an award show, a red carpet, a promotional event/interview – shape up your act. Try, I don’t know, acting like you want to be there (YOU’RE AN ACTRESS, AREN’T YOU?). Or better yet try acting like you give a shit & actually are grateful that the life direction that you chose to take worked out in your favor. I mean when people are clapping for you, giving you standing ovations,  it may be slightly uncomfortable, but would it kill you to smile nicely, instead of smirking like, “where the fuck is the exit, I need to get out of here as quickly as possible so I can get away from all of you people who admire my work.” Like this:

This video clip is painfully awkward, and irritates me way more than it should. “Yayyy, I got an award, let me make this really weird for everyone!”

So let’s some up all the reason why I want to punch Kristen Stewart in the face:

1. No matter what movie she’s in her facial expressions, body movments and demeanor are always 100% the same.


2. Her social awkwardness is annoying. You went into acting to be famous, don’t lie about it. If you wanted to avoid the tabloids and be a no-name actress you could have stuck to doing plays or something. Who knows the names of the people on Broadway who weren’t in movies? NO ONE.

In her interview with Elle UK, talking about being cast in Twilight, “When they cast me it wasn’t like, ‘Omigod, I got this huge movie’; it was like, ‘OK, I got this film.’ You have to rev up to it.” Oh really? You didn’t think that a movie with a $37 Million Dollar budget was a huge movie? Don’t go around saying that sort of shit to Indie Film stars; they’ll punch you for me.

Another Elle interview quote, “On people saying she doesn’t care: “I hate it when they say I don’t give a sh*t, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a sh*t more than I do.”  Does she not watch herself on TV or something? Or listen to herself compare fame to rape?

So think what you want, but I still want to punch that sour look off of her face. And then throw a box set of True Blood DVDs at her and say, “Twilight sucks, you’re an annoying & This is what an awesome vampire series is supposed to look like…you wish you were Suki”.

And yes…I’m prepared to be trolled by 13-16 year old bloggers. I will relish in your hate. But guess what you little minions, the most interesting thing she’s ever done is not Twilight.

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11 responses to “Who Else Wants to Punch Kristen Stewart in the Face?

  1. YES! I want to punch her! She is way too pouty and always flipping everyone off. HELLO…you asked for this “fame” and yet you resent it?? She needs a good slap!

  2. What the hell is her problem? I held off and wouldn’t read the books until 3 of the 4 were out. I started the first one and actually enjoyed the read. The last book made me mad twice – first, they connected (or imprinted) the werewolf to an unborn child that Bella is carrying. SO STUPID. And two, they built the ending up that I was wanting bloodshed. Kill the whole damn bunch, that would have made for a great ending, but oh no…tied neatly in a bow. Then when the movies were coming out and they announced who was cast as Bella and Edward. Come on! Cedric from Harry Potter? Really? I’m not so sure the people making this movie understood how much of a following they would have. It’s like they grabbed the first two reject names out of a hat. Or had a contest to see who would look the most high during interviews. The movies are stupid. I hate them. The only reason I could sit through them is because I read the books and I am curious to see movies of the books I’ve read. I don’t know how anyone can seriously like the movies. There was real potential and they just shit out terrible just because. (sorry for the long comment!)

    • Haha, well thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like the blog. Unfortunately I don”t have much of a response because, like I said, I only saw the first 20 minutes of the first movie – and never had an interest in seeing more or reading the books.

  3. But sweetie really, tell me how you TRULY feel about her. ROFL You slap one side of her and I’ll slap the other. SLAP! I have watched the movies, read the books and enjoy the basics – I just am not fond of her (really…I’m not) I love True Blood on HBO but the series Charlaine Harris wrote about Sookie Stackhouse is absolutely freakin hilarious (I think she has 10 books now) and so much better than the HBO rendering which is much darker than Harris made her books. But back to KS – I truly detest spoiled rotten little smartasses. Okay I feel better now. Hugs!

  4. I too wanna punch her! Then smoke a bowl with her maybe… ahahahah

  5. Although she is slightly wooden, you can’t deny that she plays the brooding teenager well. Plus she is genuinely hot which always forgives an actress’s short-comings.

  6. i think that was 1 of the funniest things ever… that was pure bliss. thank you for posting that. it was amazing. u are so right in every sense. i completely agree with u every single point u made ive felt the exact same way

  7. i stumble upon yr blog accidentally. i enjoyed reading it. yeah, she lacked poise and really, no respect whatsoever. she turned out to be a fake after all. so cliché. the rage is on right now after 50 pics or so are available to the public. i wonder how many more were kept to save her from more embarrassment. maybe it was more than dry-humping. good lord.

  8. She’s talented, she just does not know how to act in public.. Kristen Stewart can be pretty weird and she seems like she’s an outsider and she could smile more [that would make her prettier], but I’m sure she’s different. If you, all of you, do not love her [you do not have to, anyway], why should you hate her? Oh.. and Jenna.. I like your blog, you have a special way to say your opinion. Hello from Roumania.

  9. what’s the fuck wrong with you

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